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A new way to overcome long-term back pain

Reach was built by James from the UK (with the beard) and his Danish friend Mathias (the blondie) - two sports enthusiasts with a computer engineering background, who set out to make a pain-recovery programme that works.

When they started 2 years ago, it was clear that most pain recovery options didn’t work. In-person appointments are inconvenient, hard to stick to and costs rack up quickly, while outdated passive treatments (e.g. massage) often result in recurring pain as they only focus on short-term symptoms. This is probably why you’re here!

As a result, Reach was born. An online recovery programme that combines the convenience and motivation of an app with the reassuring expertise of a real physiotherapist.

The latest research shows that an active approach is the most effective treatment for muscle and joint (MSK) pain. Reach gives you daily personalised exercises, teaches you about pain and a positive view on the body and movement, and lets you chat to a physio whenever you need support or guidance. Your physiotherapist and app are with you everyday to keep you on track.

Having assessed over 7,000 people and received many heartwarming stories of our patients “life changing” results, we’re confident Reach will help you conquer your pain.

But how do you assess people online? We had to build the only digital assessment in Europe that replaces having to see a doctor and physio face-to-face. And because you can have a daily relationship with your Reach physio, by the end of the first week we already know a lot more than a 30 minute appointment.

Reach gives you a positive and upwards momentum, building up healthy beliefs, expectations and behaviours. Giving you the confidence and ability to become more and more self-reliant.

You can experience Reach for yourself by purchasing it through our website, starting from just £15 per month (for full time physiotherapist support and motivation).

We give you a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee during the first two weeks. So you can give Reach a go with nothing to lose.

The first step is to download the app and start with a full physio assessment so we can create a personalised plan for you.
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