Our approach

Reach helps you build positive and active habits

We build up your ability and confidence to prevent and respond to pain by helping you form a healthy active lifestyle and a positive understanding of pain and your body.

Our aim is to make you as self-reliant as possible, so you can live your life without being dependent on health professionals.

The latest research shows that an active approach is the most effective for long-term recovery

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How we build your active habits

Best practice care & a daily relationship

Learn to tackle the root causes of muscle and joint pain with a programme and physiotherapist that is with you everyday. This leads to the positive and upwards momentum, of building up healthy beliefs and behaviours, that builds habits.

Technology that keeps you motivated

Habits are hard to start and stick to, so we use the latest technology to remove all those barriers that most traditional options put in your way - appointments, waiting, travel, escalating costs, no support between visits, slow progression.

But how do you assess people without seeing them?

We had to build the only digital assessment in Europe that replaces having to see a doctor and physio face-to-face. Having a daily relationship offers both you and your Reach physio many benefits. By the end of the first week we can know a lot more than a one-off 30 minute appointment.
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Meet our lead physiotherapists

Andreas Hessner

Head Physio
Andreas is the superstar that heads up the creation of your personalised physiotherapy plans. He’s a science-led physio, and bases all assessments and plans on the latest research.

Kate Robinson

Physio Team Lead
Drawing on over 13 years of experience working with the NHS, Kate combines her physiotherapy and management skills to make sure that we are making a product that really works for our users.

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