We support you through 4 phases of recovery to a stronger & more confident you.

Phase 1
Getting started

We start by assessing your pain with a comprehensive set of questions and movement tests, which we review to create and get you started on your personalised exercise plan.
Complete and feedback on your first 3 workouts so we can further refine your plan.
Set up your initial workout schedule and reminders.
Kick-off your learning with articles on the causes of pain, getting into a recovery routine, and exercise as treatment.

Phase 2
Reducing pain

Now you are up and running we’re looking to cement your regular exercise and learning routine, which we measure and track with physio check-ins and reports.
We’ll focus your workouts on improving your endurance and mobility, and full and quick workout options give you flexibility each day.
Measure your pain and goal progression with physio check-ins every 6 workouts.
Learn how to stay active and train around pain, as well as how to keep a positive mindset.

Phase 3
Getting strong

As your pain reduces we start to build your strength and tolerance to load and stress, while also teaching you more about pain and your body for the long-term.
We’ll gradually increase the resistance in your exercises to make them more difficult and challenging.
Chat with your physiotherapists anytime to answer questions or help with worries
Read about other parts of your life that can aid your recovery, such as the importance of sleep, and the finer details to focus on when exercising.

Phase 4
Building resilience

You’ll likely be feeling little to no pain now and this phase is about making you even stronger than before and ingraining your active habits to reduce the chance of your pain recurring.
You’ll be doing high-load exercises and expect to be close to being unable to do any more repetitions at the end of each set.
Feedback daily and continue your physio check-ins and chat so we can make sure you’re building your resilience most effectively.
Finish your pain education with learning about reducing the risk of, and managing any, future pain.

Graduate to Prevent

After phase 4 you have the option to transition to Prevent. You can stay on Prevent until you feel confident you no longer need the support.
Prevention workouts based on your goals and training preferences
Set challenges, track your activity and stay motivated with reminders and support messages
Access to your favourite Full Physio exercises

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