Frequently asked questions


Is the whole experience digital or do I have to see someone in-person?

To make your recovery as convenient as possible, we have made the whole experience accessible on our app through mobile or iPad. Depending on the complexity of your pain, a Physio may contact you by email, phone or via the app, both during the assessment and/or when we evolve your programme as you recover back to your best.
What do you treat?

We are starting with back and neck pain because they make up a large majority of reported general muscle / joint pain, also known as musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. We plan to add body areas one step at a time until we can help all muscle and joint injuries.
Is my injury/pain suitable for online recovery?

The majority of muscle and joint pain are suitable for online assessment and recovery, but if we determine that your pain or situation is not suitable we will let you know during the assessment and advise you on a best course of action.
Can I speak to someone if I’m unsure?

Yes of course, you can contact us on anytime and one of the team will get back to you.
Are you registered or accredited with any national organisations?

Yes, we are registered with the Danish Medicines Agency as an authorised Medical Device. This means we are fully authorised to offer the Reach service in the UK and the rest of Europe. We also have European CE Mark approval as a Medical Device.

Assessment & diagnosis

How does the online assessment work?

We have built our own assessment and algorithm based on our Health Team’s physiotherapy clinical experience, and through reviews with third-party Doctors, 10000+ clinical hours and thousands of patients, plus all the latest evidence-based data on pain and injury recovery.

Our assessment will ask you a structured series of questions and movement tests, with some being demonstrated through images. If your pain is a little more complex our physio team may also contact you by email, phone or via the Reach App to check any further details.

This provides us with the information we need to set you your personalised programme. If we are ever unsure of your diagnosis or we are unable to treat the symptoms, we will alway recommend a next best step to help you with your recovery.
How long does the assessment take?

The assessment takes between 5 and 10 minutes. It varies because everyone’s condition is different and the assessment adapts to your specific pain and experience. This means we can build you the most personalised programme.

Once you’ve completed the assessment our uniquely built algorithm creates your programme and our health team run a number of checks, so you’ll have your personalised programme waiting for you the next day.
How well tested is your assessment?

Our assessment uses evidence-based question sets, has been reviewed by multiple physios and checked by a doctor consultant. Furthermore, over 300 neck pain sufferers have completed the assessment while we were trialling the service from January to July 2018.

As we always act on the safe side, we always have qualified professionals that you can contact. Plus, none of our exercises can cause you harm if done in line with our video instruction, and if we have any doubts we will always recommend you to see someone in-person.
Do I need a referral or diagnosis to use the Reach service?

No, and that is one of the beautiful things about Reach, no more waiting around, and no more hassle of organising a suitable time, travelling to a physical clinic and hours of missed work or social time.

We are open to everyone and we offer a full assessment so you don’t need a referral, meaning you can start recovering straight away.

If you do already have a diagnosis from a doctor or health professional qualified in diagnosis of conditions then you can enter it during the assessment.
Will you tell me if I need to see a doctor or physiotherapist in-person?

Our purpose is to help you get back to your active best so we’ll tell you immediately if you need to see someone in-person. Your health and recovery is our number 1 focus so we always act on the safe side.

My recovery programme

How will I know to do the exercises correctly?

We have created our own video content with detailed guidance on techniques and common corrections. When necessary our exercise videos show multiple angles and focus on key technique tips. All videos are voiced over by one of our team. If you have any questions you can contact us directly via the app or
What happens if my programme is too easy, too hard or not quite right for me?

We have built our service to work with you if any fine-tuning is required. You can message your physio team at anytime to ask questions or give feedback. This is also why we have the physio check-ins. This way we can see your progression and evolve your plan in line with feedback and change in your condition.

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