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June 4, 2019

Perhaps you’ve been reading online about your back pain. The thing about the internet is that you can find an endless amount of information – much of which can lead you in the wrong direction.

In truth, back pain is very common, but back pain caused by cancer is extremely rare. For the vast majority of cases, back pain is not caused by anything serious and usually improves with time. 

Normal symptoms of back pain without any serious pathological condition as the cause include; muscle aches, pain in the lower back, pain that may radiate down the legs, and numbness or tingling through the buttocks or legs. These are relatively common symptoms and can be overcome with time and conservative treatment, like exercising and physiotherapy.

If, however, any of these symptoms are very severe and accompanied by other symptoms, and you haven’t yet had an assessment of your back pain, it’s important to seek medical attention. Some of the symptoms of cancer include nightly pain, sudden and unexplained weight loss and pronounced fatigue. 

Keep in mind that many of these symptoms are not specific to cancer, but may also be present when the source of back pain isn’t cancer. Therefore the best route is to consult professional medical care. Then, if necessary, your medical practitioner may conduct various tests to rule out serious pathological causes (including cancer), and help you with a plan to overcome your symptoms. 

However, again, it is very rare that your back pain is caused by cancer. It’s more likely caused by something else and thus, will improve with time and conservative treatment. In other words, you likely have nothing to worry about!