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Our vision is for everyone to have their own personal recovery coach

Available anytime, anywhere; equipped with the latest and best knowledge; always with you and driving you back to your best.


TIRED of the inconvenience

Waiting weeks to see someone

Having to travel all over the place

Varying quality of traditional recovery professionals


Online diagnosis’ that give five different ‘it could be’ suggestions

Generic plans and exercises that don’t take into account your individual symptoms

We’re an international team of physiotherapists, designers and technology builders.

Head Physio
Andreas Hessner

6 years experience at his own clinic and across 23 Crossfit gyms
Top marks in his Masters of Physiotherapy at University of Southern Denmark, voted 7th best in the world in 2017 for Sports and Biomechanics
Trained Crossfit Copenhagen’s Competition Team, which has participated in the European Championships 2013-2015 and World Championships in 2016

Andreas takes an evidence-based approach and bases the assessment and plans on the latest research. He also undertakes research projects of his own, which is a big part of Reach’s goal to set a new standard in recovery.

Andreas also has extensive performance coaching expertise, and now runs training programmes for Crossfit new and experienced coaches.

Operations Physio
Kate Robinson

Qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2003 from University of Manchester, UK
Worked in the NHS in the UK for 13 years, starting as a junior physiotherapist and working up to be an operational manager
Also worked at private clinics, rugby clubs and sporting events such as the London Marathon

Kate is passionate about creating a new model of physiotherapy that supports and guides the person through their whole recovery journey in an ultra convenient and accessible way.

Kate combines her physiotherapy skills with her management experience to make sure that we are making a product that really works for our users.

The Rest of the Team


James Read


Mathias Iversen


Joel Ng

Head of Growth

Janni Pedersen


Jonas Christensen

Content Lead

James Econs

Doctor collaborators

We have two Doctors who review our assessment and ongoing development.

Our first doctor, who is from Denmark, runs his own GP clinic in Copenhagen. The second is based in London, specialising in Sports Medicine and represents Team GB in Europe’s Triathlon competition.

Everyday we strive to empower people, by making recovery more accessible, more supportive, and more evidence-based

We're growing our team

As we are building something new, and looking for future leaders of the business, it is more about the person and how they connect with what we’re trying to achieve at Reach. So we want to speak to a broad range of interested people and we’re happy to consider full-time, part-time, advisors and collaborators.

Below are a few examples of the roles we currently have in mind:

Data scientist - we’re developing the highest quality and broadest insight to MSK recovery in the world and we want it to define a new era of evidence-based recovery in the future. This is the future of the business.

Videographer / Designer - to make our service as convenient as possible we need the most intuitive to follow exercise videos there are, and we also need to share with the world who we are and how we’re helping people get back to their best. Plus, you’ll get to work on other parts of the product if you want, supporting the Head of UX & UI.

Marketers / Growth Hackers - we need from junior, mid and senior people in this area. We’ll soon have to grow the business across Europe and beyond, so if you connect with what and why we’re doing it then please do get in touch

If you’re hungry to get involved then please send a short piece about yourself to the email below, including:

Why are you interested in what we’re doing?
What are you looking for in your next role?
What makes you tick / What makes you fulfilled?
How do you like to work / What environment are you looking for?

Get in contact

Please email james@reachactive.co for all job and partnership opportunities, or any other queries. We operate a very open door approach.

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