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Exercise to recovery

Train with follow-along video exercises on the Reach app

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Progress quickly with daily physio reviews and updates

"I really liked being able to chat to my physios when I needed"

Having Andreas and Kate around to change my exercises to what I needed, brought the feeling that it’s personalised for me.

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Neck pain for 1 year

“Helped me enjoy what I do again”

With Reach, I get to do my exercise when it fits me, and the Physios adjust the routines along with my progress.

Neck pain for 7 years

“Easily squeezed into my schedule”

Having the app meant that I could just get up in the morning and get on with my Physio session straight away. It's a great way to start my day.

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Neck pain for 3+ years

“My pain completely disappeared”

The best thing for me was the relationship with the physios who you always have access to.

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Neck pain for 6 weeks

“My neck has relaxed and I'm sleeping faster every night”

Before Reach, it would take me up to 1.5 hours to fall asleep due to neck pain. Now, I have a really good experience - going to sleep faster every night.

reach user happy about always having access to physio
‍Neck pain f

Physio you control

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Keep active

Fit in your daily workouts when and where it suits you, and work with your physios to keep as active as possible

Reduce pain,
gain strength

Get stronger than you were before, by increasing your tolerance to the activities you love to do

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Reach your goal

Set a personal goal and we'll help you assess and track your progress with regular online Physio Check-ins

Meet our experienced physio team

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Andreas Hessner

6 years experience at his own clinic and across 23 Crossfit gyms
Trained Crossfit Copenhagen’s International Competition Team
small image of reach's physio Kate Robson

Kate Robinson

13 Years Physio experience with the NHS
Worked as Physio for London Marathon, Rugby Clubs & Private Clinics
Meet the rest of the team >
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